Activity & Lock listener

xyz.kumaraswamy.activitylistener.aix (5.3 KB)

A simple extension to listen to any activities like (battery, connectivity changed).
(Note: extra values which may contain info may not be passed)

InitialiseListsner: Initialises the listener with the given intent filters.
UnregisterListsner: Stops the listener, double calling the block may result in an error.
ActionRaised: When any activity/intent is received with the action name.

xyz.kumaraswamy.lockinfo.aix (5.1 KB)

Lock info extension to listen to the two events (phone locked and unlocked).

Screenshot 2021-07-30 at 13-01-27 Kodular Creator

Action: Raised when the phone is locked or unlocked with the boolean (true/false) value.

The Extension is a solution to a question here → Do a Specific Task After Screen Unlock


Really helpful extension @Xoma amazing :clap:

Awesome :clap: :clap:

Another simple and valuable extension from @Xoma

full list please add)

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You can find them from Android Docs!
I don’t know why you linked to the app inventor topic because it’s not related :thinking:

Nope, that’s not possible with the extension.

is there any extension is made by someone ??? i google it but didn’t any thing

This should do the same:

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How can an extension be so simple and still so much useful?
Thanks once again Xoma for your great contribution.

You are certainly in the way to the top of best contributors of app inventor and Kodular community.

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@Xoma Thanks i was just searching for this :heart: