ActivityStarter error

why the following block works only in test while when I compile the apk file and install the app and click on install it does not work and does not even display an error?

have you allowed storage permission?

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companion path is different try this as taifun demonstrate it works

I also tried the path file:///mnt/sdcard/downloads/do-not-delete/install/

but always the same problem, no error message and it doesn’t work …

how do i add READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission?

and why in test mode, even without READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission does it work?

in test mode you have allowed media and files permission on first use. so its allowed already.

you will find this block in screen blocks, on screen initialize use this.

blocks - 2020-01-15T135306.734

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Try this path:

changing the path I have this error:
Error 601: No corresponding activity was found.

I also added the permissions but the installation does not start…

I also tried 2 slashes


but nothing…

the strange thing and that no error message is generated … ???

I also tried:

blocks (2)

but nothing…

the problem in my opinion is that the app must be authorized to install the other apps …
could this be?

Can I know where file is downloaded?
I mean path to that folder.

Lenovo Tab M10\Memoria condivisa interna\downloads\do-not-delete\install

I used taifunfile extension and the path displayed for the file is:


Try this:

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But why are you using file:// before path?
Just use path.

I think the only system is to add to the Manifest file

uses-permission android: name = “android.permission.REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES”/

how can I do?
I have used both Apktool and AppToMarket but I have not been able to do it …