Ad components... For giving it instantly to others?

Hi koders!
Weird, or not? Me, the big fan of FOSS, and apps without add/payments requesting for more monetization components, huh?


We all know that we’re here, at Kodular having a service with a lot of work in, totally free of charge. And we’re seeing that the creators are requesting for money, and I would donate, but I don’t have a Bank Card, because here you need to be above 18 to have one, and I’m not.
So, here comes my idea. An ad component, from which the Team takes not 5%, not 20%, but 100% fee. It would be cool, supporting Kodular this way.

Also, if you can, it would be taken further too, with a component that gives the money for example to Greenpeace, WWF, UNESCO, UNICEF, or whatever else, for great goals. To help the things that need help.

What do you think about it?

That’s a great idea. Donating 100% of the revenue. But it has to be really simple. Users don’t want to make a admob account for themselves just to use this. Is it just an id we would need to get all the profits to the developers?


Yeah, it would not need admob account, also, you need to have a credit card to that :joy:
Changing title.

Yes nice but i think if 100% go to the platform , nobody will use this. We built apps with ads for us but not for other once. I think the 10% is ok. Think of that. One app make maybe 10 000 dollar with ads in a month, you will give all the 10 000 to kodular or what. You can make apps and start with 100%. One person have to be the first , maybe people will follow.

I guess @Daaniiieel and i would. You would have a choice in using the “normal” options and this special option.

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@plang58 they would be different components, it would not affect the normal ads.

i understand you you need only to change the id to kodular s ID. If you do that they will get alll your raised funds from admob

Well, that would be a soultion. But it depends on if they publish it or not .
Also, for the others it would be more good, I don’t think they all have ad id and they gonna publish it.

One question to you. If you devlop an pp what earn each month10 000 dollar or more because your app have 100 000 user oder more, than you will give all your funds to kodular or what. ?

To Kodular, or to these organizations. Yeah. As well. That’s what I call being nice to others and the planet, animals, etc.


i want to see that you will spend all yor raised funds if you raise 10 000 dollar each month. you will give them 120 k dollar for each year. that is a joke of you. Do you mean this real if you earn 120 000 dollar for a year and you will give them all. Haha do you believe that what you are talking. Sorry if it sounds bad but nobody will spend all of his earned money for kodular or greenpiece. The most of donations companie like greenpiece take the most of the money a dew % go to that for what they raise money. Like the ice bucking challange. 10 % of the money go to the development for the health of this. the rest is for other people but not for that. If you spemd money to them you will sponsor the head of the organisation.

Stop this thing. Also, I don’t think I will earn so much in my whole life, summed up. And also, I don’t have a credit card. Maybe, after I’m getting 28, but, I think by then I will not develop with :kodular:

why do yu dont want to develop with kodular. The future of programming/developing will be a builder like Kodular.At the moment if you work with java you can make more , but in the future we will can do the same as if you tyype in words. This is the beginnig of coding with builders. we are in child shoes with a builder , but kodular makes good steps foward.If once a day Kodular get a big Investor what pump in a few millions we will see big movements. The industry need that. Good coder costs money and are rar. But to work with a builder everyone can develop/code apps. Look at Bitcoin 10 years ago and now. Now we are a few steps away from a mass adoption. Tousends of companies got and get into it. Wait 2 years from now and than look back when you told this.

Ok,ok,but we’re gotta offtopic.
I don’t said that I will not work with Kodular, but for example, on a jobinterwiev for a big IT company , when they ask what are your skills, if you say “I can perfectly drop 2 blocks near another” will be not enough, and I wanna work in IT.


i understand you. But you dont have to say you can merge two blocks,. Show them your apps, i hope you understand me. Some people here make better apps as other people with java. But i think with a builder you can learn a lot. If you want to know how your app looks in java use the app inventor bridge. this will give you your java file if you want it and you can put it into android studio or so. This can help people to understand how some things work in java. Same for me i cvreated apps and let me given the java file and lokk how this app works in java.

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OK, but now STOP
hope mods will not see this, were gotta offtopic

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This is a very great idea!

But @plang58 is right… not everyone will give 100% of his earnings…

So how would it be if the programmer himself should decide how much percent goes to Kodular.?
(10% at least)


Guys. It would be a different component. With 100% rate.
If you want to donate other percent of your earnings, you just use the original ads, get the money to your account and then donate to they through PayPal (


Or instead of using this just for Kodular… They can take 100% of the revenue, and if it’s enough for a month of one of their premium services (maybe IDE) than you can be allowed to use this, but they just keep it instead of handing it over. In a way it could be connected to my So any money that you earn from Ads can go into your Kodular Account and from there you can choose to donate some or all of the amount to Kodular or you can spend it on a Premium Service.


Why don’t make it so is dynamic, the percentage could even be a designer variable? I understand where the 100% is coming from, but in reality just a handful of users would use, this way every developer could decide what is the fair share to donate. Having said that this system would demand a huge work towards building a robust money system inside the Kodular system.