Ad components... For giving it instantly to others?

I think kodular will be start the premium services for the paid user any user will be paid for premium service for the many extension so I need the premium service for kodular

oh god people if you want to spend your money than do it, but dont think that people like i will give all my rewards to kodular. I think 10% is fair. If you want pay more the team have a donation adress, so do it.

I know it’s pretty old, but what the @Kodular Team thinks from it?

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it goes on andon and on.

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Great idea, btw @plang58 is right. and what will suggest is 10% is fair and enough for kodular. the best way to help kodular is using the and nobody will use the 100% fee component(i guess). because, i know they are learning in making apps but their aim is always to earn some $ from it. if not why people will spend that much time for nothing?

No way i can donate kodular 100$ per day but sharing my whole revenue will left me die with starvation cause its my living for now. I am for now mostly dependent on App

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Maybe because it is fun? Not everything revolves around money when you make apps.


Peter is 100% right. I don’t know how many times have I to say, THIS WOULD BE OPTIONAL. If you want 10%, earn it with the normal ads and then donate it to :kodular: . It would be good for me 'coz I don’t have a bank card (I cannot under 18), but I still wanna donate to them to keep the amazing service up. Hope everyone understood now.


Alright, I don’t mean to not let the component be added. I support you and it’s great idea to donate :kodular:. Think if 99% of user don’t add it on their apps than its still same as taking 10% of fee. Anyways let’s wait for it to be added and see. (If added I will surely add it on my app :wink:)

Yes Kodular need money for keep and giving nice service to users but %100 is not good idea.User make a app giving a effort, time and more and he need manage database cost and other cost.So some user need earn money from their apps some users code apps for hobby. For me i need earn money my app because my app already downloaded more than 10K so its not easyly manage app without earning.I need pay firebase or and other database for keep my app working.And if you check firebase plans you can see why we need earn money.

why not earn money from hobbys? I do succesfull app on the market and its good one on the market. So let me earn litle money from it. Its makes you happy when you earn from your work.Its litle but its make you hapyy

I know Kodular need money for keep running.And they have a fee upto %20 from earnings. I dont care too much about it because they have a nice service and features but if they do what you say(%100 Fee) its really bad for me and others Who develop good apps. Because we need pay for some services for app and if app cant earn this money we cant contine work on it.Is it me realy need money for firebase service sure check this

Already used my all free usage so i need upgrade free plan to paid so i need earn money for pay these services

What about optimal %100 fee?
If its would be optimal There is no problem with it.You can give all of your earning to Kodular.But i dont think you do this when you need pay services or when you earn more everyday.

%100 fee is simple taks for Kodular team they just change ad unit value and its okey.

You have good thinks for Kodular i support it it can be optimal for anyone Who want give all earning but for my choice i dont tick this


I don’t wanna be rude, but FRICKIN DAMN IT GUYS! Don’t you know english?
I posted like 100 times here that if you wanna donate to Kodular less than 100%,

  • Use the regular admob components
  • Donate to them whatever how many money from your own revenue.

It’s so easy! And the thing I suggest would be a new component and completely optional!


A guy who understood it… Finally!
It can be easily added to :kodular: (I think), and at least I and @Peter will use it.

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Hope staffs will add it on next update? Coz it will be not too difficult (I guess)?

Nope ı try improve my english.But i think you dont understand,if you read my words " If its would be optimal There is no problem with it. "

I dont have problem with it its optional

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Hey people you can spend your money if you want but stop that. If people want to spend all to Kodular than they can do it. But To suggest in different ways that people should spend all their income is ridicoulus. How often we would discuss this again. Pls stop talking about how much we should or have to spend. The solution that we have in the moment is good i think Never change a running system.


some people have time to make each few days some posts about that people should spend all thewir money to kodular. What i dont understand is, why do people think about the money of kodular if they are not in the team or behind the szene. But the think about money from other people and the kodular team. Think of yourself and not at other.

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Many of us invest hours into the Community. You may think of it as a way to pay back Kodular, but I’d like to think I’m just doing my part. I think of the Kodular staff, and many of the users here (eg. Peter, Nathan, Daniel…) as my friends. Friends help each other. :slight_smile:


Because some of us really care about Kodular.


yes she say correct

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