Ad components... For giving it instantly to others?

Is it funyy honey :wink:

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i can’t understood

as ur name i think u r a girl swear,

Please stop going “Off topic”

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ok we understand

i think they know what they do, they had built a platform with more as 500 000 daily users. Do you think that they get to less money. Between 5 and 20% with AdMob. I think they get enought each month and they dont need people who spend all their income. You can spend all your money via the donation adress if you want it. But to write each week about that does not help anybody. They get between 5 and 20 % of all rewards, We have so much india Users here what built only earning apps and so on. I think they raise a good money each month from this people. And this earing apps are a small part . a half million user daily, i think there are some good apps out which earn good money each day. It is nice to see that people think of other people. But without to suggest other people to do the same,

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Think of it as a tribute. Every bit helps, if you ask me.

i have a good idea to reduce people who make only earning apps. New user, and user what have not a ProKoder status or so, they should have nopossibility to use admob or other ad plattforms.

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Wait then where is my badge

No, I think it’s a bad idea because not everyone is free to spend time on the community and earn the ProKoder badge. Who knows there might be even much more advanced and capable developers developing their apps on Kodular but had never ever posted on the community.


Totally True

OK Pro Koder is a bit much thats right, but there are other possibilitiers like codeing time. If you had spend 100 hours or more in the builder, than you can use admob. Or in a other way, but at the start as a new user, to have the possiniliy, to use ad mob , is not a good choice. If you built 100 hours or so than can use admob. Or your app have a minimum of components before you can use a banner or so. Or a mix of booth things.

Again a bad idea! 100 hours is a lot, I don’t think even I had spent even more than 24 hours on the creator.
Anyways, I still don’t understand why you guys are debating on this feature request. I mean there’s no problem if we have such a component because as @Daaniiieel said it will be optional and only those who are willing to help Kodular can use it. It doesn’t make any sense to turn this into a fight, at least to me.


I really don’t wanna be rude, BUT GUYS!!!
Don’t you feel you just hijacked someone’s topic?