Unity ads problems in app

I want to know, Im not implement unity ads so, why my app showing unity ads
Recently i update my app in play store,
my app users are very irritate with continuously unity ad showing, plaese stop this ads.


I think these ads are of Kodular :thinking:

Yaahh… You are right

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What’s the app?

Even I am getting Unity ads. Now Kodular running their business as profit oriented

premium version is better than putting kodular ads on app.


Maybe they are getting good revenue from ads rather than premium.

but in this case users very irritate to seeing ads in this case premium subscription will be better for both side

Yes fair enough, I completely agree with you. I hope they will soon bring a permanent solution for this but I am also worried if they bring the subscription plan it will be over $50 :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Stop using kodular ad components. Problem solved.


Is it allowed on Playstore if app is showing two types of ad networks at same place.

Yes They are taking advantage of this :joy:

Yes, that is called ad mediation

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So, do you really find fair earning money through a platform without giving nothing in exchange?
Do you know that maintaining our platform for free costs thousands of euros in servers every month?


Sir i understand thats why we said please add premium subscription. Bcj If users see to much ads then user will be irritate and they uninstall our app.

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So, you are saying that users who earn $5 with Kodular should pay the same for users who earn $500?



if user have 10,000+ MAU Then Subscription will high example -

1000+ mau - $5
10,000 mau - $15
50,000 - mau - $25

That is exactly what we are doing with he commission system…
You are paying a percentage of your impressions. Consequence: we “bill” you based on your earnings…


your bionomial function is good. but showing too much ads… and logic also good bro if you put subscription means small user will face financial trouble. this is right why. implement with google admob ads only… other users are using facebook and other networks that users earning low income you can implement admob + unity… if implement other networks also means small user will face trouble. implement one by one network. if you put unity ads + all networks means you may loose users.