Unity ads problems in app

Why? If they earn 1€ we take 10 cents. If they earn 10€ they get 9€
I don’t think that it’s a very representative amount…

Plus, without Kodular you wouldn’t be earning anything
We could be like Google which take +30% “officially”


i agree for that brother… no problem for me. step by step implement unity ads + one network.

for example:
1.30c admob +unity ads
1.31d admob,facebook +unity
1.32e admob,facebook,starapp+unity

increase step by step
i know bro you giving free platform till now. now you are in financial problem thats why you put commission. i support you bro

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I also not have any problem we also support you we are ready to pay .But for side of users no one happy to seeing many ads in app.


You can create a subscription plan for those who only use AD components


My question is:
Why do you complain to Kodular, when Google does exactly what we are doing?
We both take commissions from your ads, and Google takes way higher than us, and you only complain to us?


well, kodular does not force your app to shows it ad, there is a very fair method to do that, I am pretty sure that the ratio of Kodular ads to developer ads is fair enough.

Ads are always irritating to users, and thus kodular do not force any developer to place ads, but if a developer to it, the developer must give a little commission to kodular what kodular do it automatically

Do you think this method is not fair:

i think its not how it works, they will not show “more” ads they only show ads if you display them by blocks (LoadAd and ShowAd) but then there are not always ads from your adunit sometimes kodular ads get display instead of yours but you still have the full power to deside when a ad gets shown

sorry if i explained it a bit confusing :sweat_smile:

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i don’t like kodualr new update i will leave kodular :rage::rage:


Yea Right bro

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but you will never find any platform like kodular again (so professional, clean and with somany feature)
if you are not willing to support them if you make money from an app made with THERE builder i think it better when you go

i dont understand why people are so unsupportive
when you use there platform for your projects why dont support them so you can make better projects


Android studio is avilable bro :unamused:

then use it, why you cry then just use android studio if you can
ahhh right because kodular is way easier and handier


10 cents/10%??

I am thinking to create a joke app and include this one :joy:.

but i don’t know bro more platform is avilable to use then i will give new platform link

There are extensions that do the same thing

why you are still here then use the other platforms
i can tell there is no platform out there that has all the kodular features and still gets really cool new updates (not even appybuilder has all the features )

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Count me In

I am also switching to Android Studi.

I love Kodular and I will but will never support such steps

Some Kodular staffs :
To normal admob users " money money, all you guys want to make money " This is how they are humilated @Peter is good at this :joy:.

Whereas they are taking huge % from us. Sorry 10% :stuck_out_tongue:

Kodular gave unique features extensions free to use and we gave not nothing to them :joy: 1M daily basis user on Kodular app nothing.

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1k plus monthly server rents are also nothing (joke) (and kodular is just a hobby project for them (they dont even get payed for coding all the new feature etc)
1m daily users will generate no money if they take no commision
and 10% is like nothing threre are other builder and game engines etc that will take way more
if you all are so good at coding why are you even here and dont use android studio from beginning ?
if you all are so angry about the changes why dont make you own builder platform and make it better ?
(you will run into the same problems as kodular team the sever are expensive but you will make like no money from it to pay them)

Let’s make calculations…
You earn 1$.10% of 1 is 0.1. We get 0.1$…