AD Manager Account cannot be activated

Hi !
When I wabt to activate AD Manager, I have a tilt of my screen and nothing happen…
this button :

Is it because I have an application currently validated for monetization ?

Why I cound not activate this feature ? I can not put others ad.
What is your recommandation ?

Help ! I would like go out a new version !
@Support_Team @Kodular

Thanks in advance

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no approvel needed if you want to publish your app. first make admanager account then futher process i will guide you

Hello @Butt_Developers ,

Thank you for your response !

oh ? no aprobation needed ?
So, I do not understand my error :

It is when I want to compile an apk, it tell me to confirm an approbation


First You need to sign up with goodl admanager

Hello @Sooraj_Aniyeri ,
It is already done :slight_smile:

What is the next step ?

You need to sign up for kodular admanger system

Please reffer this

Thanks !
I have exactly the same problme of this topic : Unable to Apply for Child Account (Ad Manager) - #4 by Sidiq_Pangestu
the video show the same issue.
I do not see on this post a solution :frowning:

No ideas ? @Kodular, @Sooraj_Aniyeri