Ad Manager error

He is right.
I have also problem with my old packageNames. They dont show ads.

–In my case; I applied for admob but the post with the PIN code is never arrived. Then admob finished to send ads. I think that is the reason. They don’t send ads to the apps with the package names, which adMob already limited or blocked.

According to a koder we have to change the packageName and upload to play store as a new app.
It means, losing all existing users and reviews. And starting from beginnig.

I’m not sure about this thing, but code 3 is generally that issue.
Google ad IDs are serving ads but they stop when they get original package name.

Ok got it. I will give feedback once I experienced something odd. Thank you. And, waiting for the blinking issue.

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I’m also facing the same error.

This error is shown in companion when I disable test mode…

I’m using WebViewer component. Maybe its due to webviewer component as mentioned by Diego.

This error will not come in complied app. This error comes only in companion

It won’t come on companion any more. We are forcing test mode with test ad units now.

Also, what is this Google ad unit change ? Should I republish new build to play store?

Yes, please, rebuild your apps.


i put ads manager ads in my app then i update my app on google play now i received ads fraud policy issue on my app please tell me any one also facing this issue ?

Screenshot? did you change app ads content thing?

yes my app content ads

Can you post screenshot of policy issue?

yes sure

What’s your app about? Can you share a link to the play store listing of your app?


any one share ad manger Ads Show Screenshot i want to see

I got the solutions, ads working now, after updating ads.txt