Ad Manager error

Perhaps something wrong with my adManager account.
If I send you my google app id, can you try it for me, please?

We can confirm there are some issues with banners. Can you try Interstitial and/or Rewarded?

same results

And in a real APK (not Companion)?

I tried now three kinds of ads with an apk.
nothing to see here.

What do you think, can you give us any information of how long it will take for this issue to be resolved?

We have contacted Google for further investigation. We’ll get back as soon as we get a response.


ok, thank you, let’s wait.

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@im_pala can you check now?

I’ve tested a few apps, and I saw quite a lot of working ads now (even banner ones)



Everything is ok, all of 3 ads showing.

The App, which has no content shows the ads instantly.
But the apps which have content and live in store don’t (waited 1 hour).


All apps should show ads instantly if you recompile them. If this isn’t the case, please let us know

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Nothing is changed.
Same as I said above. Only the test apk shows but my old app does not (with the same google app id). It is now 5 hours I am waiting.

Can you PM me the APK please?

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By the way, I also faced the same issue as yours in a test app. All I have to do was changing app layout a bit, and it was working again.
Though, I suspect that part of the issue comes from Web Viewer, as ads were not loading when using a web viewer.

@Diego Even I’m facing this issue,
Old app(connected to admob) are not showing ads but if I remove or change original package name then it starts working.
New app( not connected to admob when ad manager account was created) are working fine.
Till now, we are the only two users who are facing this problem but lot more people have got access.
It would be nice if other users also report error or no error. @ad-manager

Tested on my old app today, compiled one, but not yet uploaded to Play Store.

  • Banner ads seem to appear now, unfortunately, it constantly blinks when there is a movement in the screen. This is irritating.
  • Interstitial and Rewarded works fine, but I need to reload them at some time after showing, unlike the old Admob ads that they reload themselves.

I suspect this is happening due to the same Web View error.

What do you mean by “reloading”?

Hmm, when I did tests, I did not have to change the package name. Can you maybe try to change app content a little bit? If it keeps happening, we’ll file a ticket.

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After an interstitial or rewarded ad was shown for the first time, it wont show for the second time not until I had to manually load them again. Comparing the ads from Admob, I dont have to load each ad after showing. Well, maybe its just from me.

I’ve added a setting in Ad Manager that “refreshes” ad units every 30 seconds. Maybe that was the issue?
But anyway, the procedure to show ads is always LOAD → SHOW; you shouldn’t reuse the same LOAD with a second SHOW (e.g.: it is NOT recommended to do LOAD → SHOW → SHOW).

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