AD Not Showing -- Idea

I don’t use ads, (yet). I understand how valuable and important they can be.

However I would roughtemate (that is my own word for a rough estimation) that near 15% of the questions on this board are AD related.

Discourse (the system used for this community platform) provides great advice to similar topics, which clearly most AD questions do not read. (over half the topics I start to write about, I solve based on the advice on the right provided here)

Can we lock questions AD related until they are cleared by a moderator, and prior to clearing it recommends the person to RTFM, or Search?



I think this is a good thing. A lot of people are noticing problems with ad (me too) but as a lot of them are related to admob, I 'd lock the admob related questions and leave unlocked the ones related to the other ad components.