Ad Only Showing Once

I’m making a barcode scanner app. I want to make it so that every time you scan a barcode, an interestial ad shows. But the ad only shows the first time you scan a barcode when you open the app. I have it set up like this: when screen1 initialize, load interestial ad. After BarcodeScanner1 scans, show interestial ad. Once I found the bug, I tried to put another block below the show ad block to load the ad again for the next time. But that didn’t work. Any suggestions? Thanks! (I also have a banner ad in the app if that helps at all)

did you tested with test units provide by admob ??

Good luck keeping users.


That’s a very normal behavior via Admob. If a single ad unit is used to display the interstitial, then you may get ads in alternate or even after many intervals or even a single time when app initializes. To get ad at every successful function you need to use multiple ads in a single calling function.

Can you tell me how to do that?