Adcolony sdk runtime error

in my one apps i use admob intertial ads & select adcolony for commision, but after export & publish on google play…get a runtime error.
please, see screenshot…

the only one not having problems is unity​:pensive:

Do I have to use it now?

Why not just be patient and wait for a response.

my app on play store,
& user can’t use my app for this problem.
so, how can i wait for response?
any solution?

That’s up to you. On a chair. Working. Reading. It’s your choice.

Developers are sleeping right now. They have also go to work and go to school so the only thing you can do is wait.

I would say remove the ads and it will work.


can use another ads for commision , which is haven’t any kind of bug…

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please wait. tomorrow new update is going to release where all bugs& issue fixed by community …so

keep calm & happy koding