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I even made a notepad app for him. Also, he paid money to me. If I was racist, I don’t think he would pay to me. He was happy with what I did, thanked to me. Also I even helped him when he has any bugs in his app.

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a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races

I said what “you” mean by it, not Google.


this is what i mean

But I can’t see Yusuf discriminating anyone on the basis of his/her race.

PS: Copy & Paste from Google… :smirk:


He wanted you to formulate what you exactly mean, with your words. Like, as I mean I think it’s

A person who spreads hate against other people who is different from he/she (for example ethnical groups, or colour of skin)


YEA! You got a Problem With that ? :angry: You have been on me since that Firebase thing :triumph:

If he is unwilling to help a person because that person is from a particular country… Is that racist?

You got it correct man! :sweat_smile:

Simple answer, no.

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There’s no specific word for people who vilify or are prejudiced against other “countries”. The closest general term would be bigot , but there are also terms for prejudice against certain specific nations/nationalities or ethnicities.

Source: racism - What would someone who is prejudiced against a country be called? - English Language & Usage Stack Exchange

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Cool down buddy, I was just joking. :sweat_smile:
Have some ice cream :icecream: :ice_cream:

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Nope… :grin:


1 - I can help everyone, I’m not looking for the color of skin, country for something. Just I didn’t trust him because he was joined to the community with no popularity. So I decided to don’t make app for him. - Peter (moderator) already knows that.

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2 - Again, I’m not racist. You got it wrong.

3 - If you have problems with me please contact via PM not in public.

4 - Moderators, can you delete these all posts?

5 - Guys, please stop the discussion here.

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Yes bro.
I think this is going off topic now and what is racist?

No no you get it wrong i don’t want the ad network for me i want it for the users that are new and don’t have a penny to spend. Enhancing makes the application very laggy and uses alot of space in projects like 5 MB app is converted to 16 MB that sounds useless.
Bro i already use admob and making a nice revenue but i also want others to inspire and invest most of time newbies get to 60$ and then start clicking their own ads. i don’t want that. I hope you get the topic if they get the amount why would they do invalid activity lose accounts if they learned invest and earn.

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Ok, I got it :slightly_smiling_face: But as I said, I think current ones are enough for me.

Yes now i think the topic must end now and good luck and what is racist some kind of superior person like rich people or powerful people

Racist means:

a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races

Someone thinks I’m racist but I’m not.