Add Applovin Ads for better support to developers

I was thinking that all components in monetization are good and works well but i was thinking that if Kodular team will also add applovin ads it will be better for users that don’t have anything to invest and admob takes time and when i started in admob i was only able to earn 2$ in my first month and upto 27$ in 3 Months but its my hard work i reached this far but if i was able to get my a little earnings on that time then i could do better that time and applovin pays at 20$ which is a good amount as well as it can support developers to promote or invest in other things i guess you liked my plan please tell.

  • Yes, I love your idea
  • No, I think it will be not good
  • I don’t care do whatever you want
  • What is Applovin

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App Lovin is for games right? And Kodular for apps

I just want to say, don’t convert Kodular to ad platform. We already have enough ad components. (I even think some of current ones needs to be deleted)

Ok, I understand you, you want to earn money from your apps, but there are a lot of developers which don’t want money much. Because some things are better than money.


True, But some developers wants to make Apps Professionally and Some even depend on their Apps For Revenue. Money Plays A vital role and is very important so far. You would not be here in the community if you did not have money in the first place to buy a PC or whatever you are using.

Then how do developers earn money? Will you be giving free money to them?

I did not mean to be rude but i see you everywhere spreading Negativity and saying Negative things against Some Users whenever they ask or post Something.

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No, of course, I think you knowing me wrong :grin: Also, it is not negativity, I’m just trying to be fair for everything.

I didn’t say “All ad components would be deleted”. I just said some of these.

I’m not saying “You shouldn’t earn any money”. Of course, you will earn but you need to keep balanced. If you put a lot of ads in your app, users won’t use your app. If you use no ads in your app, users will be happy, but you will be sad (if you want money)

That’s why I said, current ones are enough. Also why we need another ad network? Why you don’t use current ones? Kodular has many ad components.


Hello cuz you allready have money then you dont need money from ads

I think we need admob mediation,With the mediation we can use many ads provider easly.

I think you replied to wrong person :sweat_smile:

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Everyone here i just want to tell you and go for more its not all about earning but growth matters. I am not saying to make kodular a ad platform but it does not matter how many ad components kodular have it will be better for them only. and i think if someone earns from his app it is not a bad thing but i have never mentioned that earn more or else all i have focused on is growth of the users and its app as i have mentioned promotions and much more. But Thank you if you understood my topic and changed your vote.

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Nobody said earning is a bad thing. But why you don’t use current ad networks? All of them are ad networks; nothing different.

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I really don’t wanna fight here, too, and yes, you don’t need to be some kind of magician to realize that I’m against ads. But, we have a lot of monetization components, the following ones:

  • AdMob Banner
  • AdMob Interstitial
  • AdMob RewardedVideo
  • Amazon Banner
  • Amazon Interstitial
  • Chameleon
  • Facebook Banner
  • Facebook Interstitial
  • LeadBolt
  • WhiteMobi
  • InAppPurchase

And with enhance, you can add those also:

  • Unity
  • HyprMediate
  • AerServ
  • Appodeal
  • MoPub Mediation
  • Tenjin
  • AdColony
  • Tapdaq
  • AdscendMedia
  • NativeX
  • Yandex
  • Pokkt
  • Soomla
  • Receptiv
  • MillennialMedia
  • HeyZap
  • Vungle
  • Avocarrot
  • HyprMX
  • MoPub
  • Leadbolt
  • StartApp
  • DisplayIO
  • AppNext
  • OfferToro
  • TrialPay
  • Phunware
  • RevMob
  • TapJoy
  • AppLovin
  • HeyZap Mediation
  • TheoremReach
  • AdBuddiz

If those aren’t enough, I don’t know what’s good for you.
I literally spent more time looking up all of enhance’s SDKs and checking if they’re for monetization purposes than a few developers who build apps with ad networks.


Why do you think he’s a ProKoder? Don’t you think that the problem’s with another man?

Btw, why the hate is only against Yusuf?
I wanna participate too, let’s hate me also!
We just want to make Kodular a better place or, with another words, save it from being an ad builder instead of an app builder.


I see you too :smirk:

#peace !


I said those because he was angry and bigot (not in community )

What? Give me proof, please

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@mojarTV He will say what happened

Are you sure that you are clear with the definition of racist?


Yep, i think i am clear about it

I don’t think it is so…


Yes, I talked with @prislyrozario via Telegram, but I didn’t say anything bad. Also, I’m not racist. How can you say that, without proof? :no_mouth: I’m a peaceful person for everyone.


You know it… or ask @prislyrozario

Okay So ?

Ohk! Wait…
@Abhijith_Dominic can you please explain what you mean by racist?
PS: Now please don’t Google it! :pray: