Add component by the user

Is it possible to allow user to add a component after building the app !
for example :
i have a 3 vertical arrangement by default i made them invisible
and there is a floating action button
how to make the button make the arrangement visible in sequence
Like i press the button then the first arrangement is visible , press again the second one then press again the third one and so on …
How to do that ?!

simple set block something like this

when button click set vertical arrangement to visible

We have a component called Dynamic Components. You can use that for creating buttons with blocks. But it is not supported with arrangements.

Use global variable…
And fab clicked action

i did
but in many arrangements
they all are visible at the same time and this is not what i want
i want when i press first time only the first one be visible
then press again make the second one visible and so on
i do not how to do this in blocks

yes sir but i need such an arrangement

how to do this in blocks ??

Declare global variable to 0
Then when fab click
If global variable = 0
Then set global variable to 1
Arrangement 1 visible to true
Else if global variable = 1
Then set global variable to 2
Arrangement 2 visible to true
Else if global variable = 2
Then set global variable to 3
Arrangement 3 visible to true


thank you very much sir it works :star_struck:

Always welcome

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