add google map markers from GeoJSON point

I am trying to add markers to a google map with lat, lng saved as geopoints

“location”: {
“type”: “Point”,
“coordinates”: [
“srsId”: zzz,
“___class”: “com.persistence.Point”

No idea how I can extract lat,lng from that and put the markers on the map…

Use dictionary blocks to get lat and long from json after that either use add markers block or add markers from json where json should be in the form of [{lat:your_lat,lng:your_lng,color:210,title:Example_Title,snippet:Example_Snippet,draggable:false/true}]

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Maybe this circled in red , is a Json.

So ,next steps:

Search about Json …
Search about dictionary…
Search about Marker Google Maps…

Thank you for your understanding

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