Add is table and other options in OCR

Is there any way to get the features available with Free OCR API as an extention.
Some tags like istable & isOverlayRequired are not supported in Kodular.
And I would also like to know the limits for the api key(“helloworld”) provided by Kodular.

I don’t think the OCR component communicates with the Web, but instead a library.

Can kodular team update the library to provide these functionalities?

No because they are likely provided by another third-party developer.

But editing it is possible?

No because only the third-party developer has the source code.

And we don’t know who this third party develper is? :thinking:

Hi @Ved_Nig,
So you want an extension developer to make it for you: change the category to #marketplace:request , if you want kodular to add it change it to #feedback:iwant :slightly_smiling_face:

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