OCR Extension on Pro Server

i have played around with the OCR Extension. I have an working Pro key from another project.
Is it possible to use it with OCR Ext.? With OCR Pro you got custom url for the servers, but i have no idea where to put.

Any ideas?


you might want to add a link to that extension…
also to add the author’s name of the extension into your thread could help to get a direct answer from the author… just add the name like this @Thomas_Ploner


Ok, i think i got that wrong. Its not an extension, its the integrated OCR Reader that works with OCR Space. I think the guy how wrote it, was Mika?


so you are talking about this

what is a pro key?
if the component does not offer a property for that key, then it obviously will not be possible


Perhaps consider this method ?

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Thats correct. When you check out the “got server status” block, then you se the free server and some different pro-servers. For the pro servers, you need a payed pro api key. And you get url for the pro servers.


Was this extension free

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