Does the OCR extension support JPG format?


My son is making his app using AppInventor for homework. We want to make an OCR translator - when you take a picture of the text, then the app automatically recognizes the text in the picture and translates it to another language.

We find a cool OCR extension made by Mika that has the method to get the picture of the text and return a string of the text. But Mika’s extension requires a PNG image, while the Android photo app uses JPG.

So I try to use your OCR extension now. Does this support JPG format? If not, what can I do for achieving our goal?

Welcome to the community, see documentation for ocr component below. Since ocr uses api I believe it works also with jpg.

I’m sorry but I don’t know how can use that component in my AppInventor project. Can I import the component as an extension? Or how can I use it?

If you are using MIT App Inventor please do ask in App Inventor’s community and not here cause builders are different. If you are using @Mika extension then with his extension he provided a test aia. Check it and see if it works for you. Actually ocr component in Kodular was made by @Mika and works the same as his extension


Oh, thank you for the clarification!
I’ve thought that Kodular also supports AppInventor extensions, and those two components are the different ones.

Kodular supports extensions for app inventor and vice versa but some components are not the same in both builders so a project from Kodular might not work on App Inventor or an aia from App Inventor might not work with Kodular and that’s why I mentioned to ask only in the builder’s comminity that you are using


OP is using MIT App Inventor so topic is closed