OCR performance

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What are you after, speed or accuracy ?

This example, using blocks and a google apps script uses Google OCR

Thanks, I have this problem : Drive is not defined ! What should I do?

In the instructions:

  1. When creating the script, you will need to add the Advanced Drive Service. With the legacy editor you do this by going to Resources > Advanced Google Services, then setting “Drive API” to “On”.

and did you re-deploy your script ?

Did you place a Folder ID in your script ? (line 6)

Yeah, I have also do this and I’m on the older version

Check again, the issue is with the Drive service:


and re-deploy your web app and ensure that your script urls match.

Okay thanks but How to launch this app on the kodular companion ? I have just succeeded on the MIT APPINVENTOR Companion … There is a problem of compatibilty of the file (.aia)

Most probably a few changes has to be made in project properties in order to work with Kodular. If you wish you can pm me your aia to check it

Okay thanks, this is the .aia file :
OCRAPI.aia (160.0 KB)

Try this
OCRAPI_1.aia (159.9 KB)

Thanks a lot, but why the program don’t worked and say me “Cannot OCR that file type Valid file types are: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf” while I send him a jpg file (with the camera of smartphone) ?

Try this and see if it works now

OCRAPI_2.aia (160.2 KB)

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