Add items in list every time on top

Hello Koders i just ask if possible to make a list that for evert items that added in that list to add on top.

Simply when added reverse list

yea but once new item added will be added on bottom.

Just use Reverse list block to get items on top. ( use this while getting items from list)

I know about it but if add revers list the next itme will be on bottom

Why won’t you try it and see the result ? First you add to list and then create listview using reverse list

Every time use Reverse list block or…

Initially save items in a list then create new variable and use copy list block with Reverse list to copy items into new variable. ( The. Copied items are now Reversed for your future use)

This is my blocks revers list in on when i store the value to tinidb

Try to move reverse list block from call tinydb store value set listview.elements

like this?

No move only reverse list block not list from csv row

The operation reverse list cannot accept the arguments: , [“1”,User1$]

I hope your if else statement is wrong. Before setting elements into list view, How do you check it?, If such case you should not set element to get currency message

I hope you should set it as
Set element to make a list get currency message

Your error says like that only. List view will accept elements in list format

Dont understand

when i click on button element will go into list.

like this?

Your blocks are wrong. A simple example to modify according to your needs


ok but the porblem is that i dont want global name list i want similar to this

once i call to create EX: USER 1 $

… and where is the problem to create it like that ?