Add pre-checked items to Notifier-> Checkbox list dialog

Please add the ability to indicate some items checked when opening the Checkbox list dialog

Good idea. Maybe anyone from us @Kodular knows how to make this?


Maybe pass a list of lists to the choices parameter? If a parameter is not a list of lists (and is a simple string), make it unchecked by default.

Something like

choices =>
((“Item 1”, true),
(“Item 2”, false),
“Item 3”)

The first checkbox will be checked by default, and the second and third unchecked. Should be possible to implement it like this, I think. Plus, it won’t break existing projects

Sorry, I dont understand you. Where is this “choices” parameter?

As an alternative, maybe there is an opportunity to add a dynamic checkbox to the Dynamic components section

Something like this can be implemented, I think

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I understand you… yes, That would be a good decision.

How i get a Value of list after select?


I think this Block will help you a bit.