Add SDK Admob google necessary?

Hello guys, is it needed to do this step for google ads to work or is this for android studio, and how to do it? - Do I only have to create the banner in AdMob and then place it ID on the component in Kodular?

Moreover, is this step needed in firebase when I add an app to firebase?

Hi, it is not necessary to implement google ads, if you want to then you can allow it, if you have ads in your app already then you have fill the ads section notifying what ads you have

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So basically if I want to add AdMob ads:

  1. Create the AdBlock in Admob
  2. Get the ID from that AdBlock
  3. Create the Admob block in Kodular (enabled)
  4. Paste the ID got from AdBlock

And is it done?

By the way, should I enable consent mode? because Kodular Docs doesnt recomend it but the Kodular Creator does?

It’s not easy to implement ads, you need to request for approval of ads, if it is approved then only you can use it

I read that if its on PlayStore there is no need to request approval. The approval is if you want to monetize your app by being donwloaded out of PlayStore

For playstore i don’t know i was talking about kodular ads and if the query is regarding playstore , you should change the category to #off-topic

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To implement AdMob ads in your app, all you have to do is

  1. Set up an AdMob account
  2. Create a placement ID
  3. Drag and drop an AdMob component in your app, and paste the ID in the corresponding property.
  4. Request approval of your app from (not required if you’re downloading the app from the Play Store)

The Consent Development Mode property lets you test the GDPR compliance consent dialog. It should be set to false in your app’s final/distribution version.

I don’t think this post helps you solve the problem. I untick the solution for now.

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