How to add admob ads in Kodular

Hey There,

I have been accepted to add adverts to my app and I am wondering how to do this I have added the Admob banner and put the Ap Unit Id, but on the instructions on the Admob site it says to add the Google Mobile Ads SDK and I am wondering how to do this?

From my experience, there’s no need to do that because Kodular has already done that for you, as I remember.


Hey There,

So I have added Admob ads, I have added the banner and the ID and I got accepted from Kodular, but the ads don’t seem to show on my app on the play store…? Does anyone know why? I think it’s related to ads.txt not being there

Have you searched the community for a solution?

Maybe your app is not good enough to show ads in it! What does your app do? Do you get any message in the part that has to show the ad?