Google Ads app Id for admob ads - Is it important?

Hello everyone,
I recently deployed my app to the google play store In which I forgot to put the Google Ads App Id (Admob app Id). My app is getting requests but no impressions.
As far as I know, everything with Admob is perfect. Why am I facing this problem? Is it necessary to put the Google Admob app Id into the Kodular project? If so, where should I put it??
Should I put it over here??

Note - This is a different case. Searched the whole community but didn’t get a solution so please don’t unlist this question.

Also I wanted to ask does Kodular take a commission on Admob banner ads?

Yes, that is the correct place to put the app ID. Also make sure you have set up an app-ads.txt file so that your apps on Google Play will show ads.

We do take a commission on banners; you can find the exact amounts in each component’s docs page here:

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Where should I add the app-ads.txt file? In my website? And what should I put in that file. Does AdMob provide the text or we will have to make it mixing our publisher Id App Id etc??? Where will I get the exact content to put in that file???

You can find answers here: About app-ads.txt - Google AdMob Help