Google Ads in Kodular app

I had tested the ads in my app. When i publish in Google playstore , How am i guranteed that the ads are displayed by the app??

If your app is enough content and relevant content then ads will show.
No one guarantee that ads show 100% everytime.
You can view fill rate and many more things on your admob panel

The (interstial ad) is shown after a specific act in app. So will it be doing the same when it is published in google play store.

It depends on Google algorithm where, when and why to show ads on app or website by collecting some information

what sort of information ?

Search on Google and read terms and conditions of admob

Hey ,
After testing the app with test ads , What should i do with the ad when i am about to publish in google play store .
Is there anything else i need to do ??

My app is based on sports . So , ads will be shown based on sports ?

Hi i have another doubt .
in the screenshot given below , there is an app id . this wat they said :“The unique ID assigned to your app. You’ll need to integrate the app ID into your app’s source code to use certain features in AdMob.”
My query is : Is there anything i should do regarding the above as i had entered the ad unit id in my app .??

Thank U in advance

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Also i m going to update my app in playstore as i added a new banner app id in the app . So , i need to unclick the test mode right ? Should i do anything else apart from this ?

Thanking You in advance .

Hi ,
I had recently published my app in playstore . I updated my app With admob . I had unchecked the test mode in the designer section .i am using banner ads. But the ads are not displaying .
So i added an extra block as shown in above .is this enough ?

Hi , i am using admob banner . It shows 50 ad request and impression as 7 . My friend has used the app but no ads been shown . the match rate is extremely poor (14 %).
Please help as i do not know the working of Admob .
Thanking you in advance