Admob ad not showing

Yesterday I update my app in playstore still now not showing any ad

What kind of app is it?

Are we magicians?
Or is any one magician here?
Tell us more.
There is no enough detail so that we can help you.
Have you tried ad failed to load and ad failed to show blocks?

@vknow360 @Kanishka_Developer

Please see it

Quotes application

Once try admob approval system in kodulor then open your AIA and test your ads in companion mode if ads or working it’s ok if ads or not working even in companion their is something wrongly coded or your admob problem

provide app link so that we can check or do one thing. Unistall the app which you downloaded directly from the kodular & Install the app from play store…

So, you’re Loading Ads on button click… That’s good! But, you have not used Show Interstitial. Use it and ads will be showing. Got it?!


must your app be on playstore first, before you will be allowed to show admob ads?

No, not at all. Kodular has it’s own developed Admob Ads approval system so you can show Admob ads on APKs.


Am having sum difficulties setting mine, i have placed my ad unit id, but still it seems its only the test mode banner that shows, what else needs to be in place?

Use *When Ad Failed to Load block to identify…