Add search bar inside dynamic-components

Is it possible to add the search bar inside the dynamic components in (KODULAR) without using DYNAMIC COMPONENT EXTENSION ???

Do you mean that you want to create a custom search bar while you use Kodular’s dynamic component and not extension?


Yes​:frowning: without dynamic Extension because iam using too many blocks of dynamic component and using Airtable DATABASE

Post a screenshot of your blocks. How do you delete cardview?

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In fact, I deleted these blocks because the result was wrong, but according to the solutions I saw in codular community, it was by adding a component within dynamic component EXTENSION (USING THIS)

But in my case I use the KODULAR dynamic COMPONENTS

Is there a way to add SEARCH BAR using the KODULAR DYNAMIC components

cek this post no 3

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and in companion give me an error runtime (stack size 8mb)

Try this, blocks are draggable

blocks - 2021-09-11T194342.565


I moved blocks, no errors appear, but no response
blocks : when initialize (added image : get image)… , when sh get column(added image : get image)

DELTATEAM_Molzama.ais (13.6 KB)

Change in procedure 3 blocks, instead of global variable use local and it will work. Haven’t tested search cause I can write using arabic characters

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thank you very much , the method worked perfectly :heart: :heart:

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Glad I could help :slight_smile:


Hello: Yesterday my application was working in DYNAMIC IMAGE correctly and the images appear in the application that I sent from AIRTABLE, but now only the texts appear, is there an error in the blocks



I tried to change SIZE (-2 , -2) DYNAMIC IMAGE , (-2,-2) DYNAMIC CARD VIEW

But it did not work, Card View contains only label1 ,label2,space without dynamic image :broken_heart:

Post your aia or pm to check it


Web link for image doesn’t exist (error 404) that’s why you do not get any image. Try and see


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