Add Source Directly

Will Makeroid Be Able To Add Source (Java) Directly In The Future ? I just saw that there is an IDE on Android that use blockly called Sketchware , it can add source directly , but makeroid cant , as makeroid have a lots of components , so i think if Makeroid can Add Source Directly , it would be much better for developer to make a more advanced app with Makeroid

You can use Java with extensions

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where can i find the extension ?

does MIT app inventor 2 extensions works with Makeroid ?

there is not an extension for importing Java

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No, I mean you can write code in form of an extension

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Yes, it works

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@pavi2410 while technically it is possible to make extensions which add specific functionality to an app, you can make a block AddSource(Java), because then it would have to be:
a) a component
b) would have to work together with buildserver
At least that’s what I said on Thinkable community.
P.S: you got Gradle build tool working or not really?