Adding libraries for better Uİ

Hello dear friends and stuff. I have an ask from admins that adding ui feautures in next updates. Functionality and performanse is good, i can create in kodular what want. But i see that ui is very awfull(((in android studio you may use some libraries for animational layouts, for example bottom navigation bar, buttons, graphics etc. It would be amazing if we can import some libraries in kodular. Thank you very much

There is a lot you can do with the current tools to make things look good. Nesting, making things visible. Just explore the options.

Sure some extra feature would be nice. While we wait… explore and be creative with what is there, which is very extensive.


we have more ui components as all other builder.You said it right we are not in android studio.
you can import some libraries. You have to create a extension.
If you can code i java than you have to learn it, i see no possibility to add a library without coding skills.
you can change the builder to maybe B4A or other ones, there you can import some things but you need a bit of coding skill also but in a more easier way

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Tweak the component properties, use CardViews and Arrangements… You’ll be fine. :wink:

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Hehe :wink:

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On something I agree, there are several types of navigation buttons, it would be nice to be able to choose another type