Admanager Bidding Discuss

Hello Koders…

Kodular Already Opend inmobi Open Bidding with GAM… :sunglasses:
How many of you fill that form …?? :relieved:
is inmobi ads shows in your app?? :face_exhaling:

Lets Discuss About the issue… :heart_eyes:

i integrated open bidding. its working i guess from morning i seen improvment in impressions. thanks for guide me to add open bidding.

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@Lollipop You using bidding?

There has been no update after this, I do not know if form is working also.
I would like to wait for result. You guys go ahead.

Ya me to…want to know inmobi is working or not…:+1:

Please mention others also

Inmobi is not working :confused:

Open Bidding
5sec , 10sec video interstitial Ads

these all things are not working in AdManager

no sufficient response from Kodular side. we are still stick with Admanager. :love_letter:

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Need your thoughts about this @Diego

Facing very low fill rate :warning: @Kodular @Diego @Vishwas

Yes. Seems ads are show less in Apps.

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AND BANNER ADS ARE DEAD they are not working at all

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I thought this Banner Ad problem is with me only.
This is so frustrating… when one problem is fixed by Kodular, some new problem crops up.
It’s like a vicious cycle.

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My ads are stop working i don’t know why :cry:

We can’t do anything… we are at the mercy of Kodular.

Yes and they are not responding us :unamused:

Moreover, I wanna ask you since you are a premium member, how is Clicks (CPC) is added in our revenue. Because as per me , only impressions(eCPM) is getting added in the revenue . Can you throw some light?

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I don’t have any idea about this

Okay, but in my opinion we are not getting any revenue from CPC. If someone can confirm this?

Same proble,My app is live on playstore but ad manager banner and interstitial ads not showing. any solution…?

Wrong coding.
First load ad then show ad when ad is loaded