Admob Ads are working

I’ve been a member of this great platform since 2017. I’ve never used ads inside my apps but today I decided to experiment a bit with Admob and see if I can make it work.

Needless to say that the setup is super easy to do and it worked just fine on the first try.

Now I really can’t understand why more than half of the posts in this community are complaining about ads “not working” :woman_facepalming: .

Just some thoughts I felt like sharing. Keep up the good work Kodular. Can’t wait for the upcoming update!


Ads will work well if you follow developers guide to using the ads component. ads will auto activate when you upload our app to Google playstore. but aside that your app will need to e approved to load ads and most people complain because their app hasn’t been approved yet. ensure you build a quality app that is user friendly and gives more value to your users. build apps that have original contents and not someones content from YouTube etc. No earning apps! once you do all this stuffs you shouldn’t have any problem with ads approval