New Commissions System

It should be now for all or @Diego?

:sweat_smile: sorry about that

I didn’t read it carefully

But it also create a question in my mind will you also create a aproval system for all other ads network to make more secure system for future

The system is for all.
Not only admob

My admob Interstitial can be skipped but Kodular own ads ( unity ads) cant be skipped can you change it?


Is the ads working or not




@Kodular ıs Kodular own ads compatible with Google play designed for families program?

I think so

Can you check settings Diego ? Today my updated rejected due this problem.(I know its my fault,I miss uncheck gambling ads). I use admob with unityads and if kodular ads display ads like gamling its not good.

It’s disabled in StartApp, as Unity does not offer such ads


Diego, if it is possible to add in the dashboard

How many Unity ads displayed on app.

As far as i know in every 10 ads, there will be 1 unity ads but i am getting more than 3 in every ads.

There is 10% chance for a unity ad, so sometimes more than 1 of 10 can appear.

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Its repeately coming 4/5 times. Even ads are also 18+.

I hope @Diego will solve this issue soon

ADs are catered to your interests. Cookies track what you most search for, and the AD networks use the information for personalized ADs.


Indirectly you are saying, I search adult thing? :joy:

Man take my phone, Maybe its almost 2yrs passed havent searched or watched anything like that. Even its blocked in my country

VPNs exist. All I’m saying is that the AD networks serve personalized ADs. :man_shrugging:

and if I keep my app ad free then also will Kodular display their ads :thinking:

If you don’t use any ads, Kodular will also not display any ads. They can only do that if you add ad components.


I can do something to clear doubts:
If you will use ads in your app
Then Kodular will show ads
And if you do not use ads then kodular will not show ads.

Use ads >>>>> Kodular will show ads
Do not use ads >>>>> Then no ads from Kodular

This is totally imposible, as Unity Ads does not have that kind of ad inventory
They are only games

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