Admob Ads Not Show 1.5.1

After fenix 1.5.1 update web view bug fix than i am update my play store and test admob ads but not show admob ads ,only show kodular commission ads
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You might want to use the “error occurred” block to check what’s going wrong.

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this block need play store update

If you will change anything in your aia project then you also need to update the app to play store to get the latest app on play store. Correct me if I get you wrong.

what can i do now

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You got approved for Ad manager then why are you trying Admob?

Ad manager approved got my other kodular account

Import this project aia in that account.

My Published app Default Package Name io.kodular.m_Riyadh.xxxxxx
And Ad manager approved Account Default Published Name io.kodular.saharia_jahan.xxxxx

now how to update my app
and new app Published play store need 30 sdk

Old apps can publish update, import your project into ad manage proved account, add your app to ad manager, google app id will be generated, use it and publish your app(use same keystore).

do you have any tutorial video

No, it is very simple.

Any Guide Link / Text I am New Play Store

Step 1 : import aia file to ad manager approved kodular account
Step 2 : Add your app in google ad manager, google app id will be generated, copy it.
Step 3 : Paste app id in imported aia and use ad manager ads’ component
Step 4 : Check keystore, make sure it is same, your can download and use keystore of your other account but remember keep both account’s keystore at safe place.
Step 5: Export apk or abb and publish it.

Important question, did you use any other ad network with Admob in your app?

no only admob

But Package name Not Same

it is not related, both package name are on store?
which package name do you want to use?
and ad manager account has no package name.

I AM Use Kodular Default Package Name Play store Published App EX : io.kodular.m_Riyadh.xxxxxx
AND MY Ad manger Approval Kodular Account Default Package Name Ex : io.kodular.Sahre_jahan.xxxx

Now my Package Name Not Same So How To Update My App