Admob ads not showing!

I’m still having this problem on all my apps made via Kodular.
Plenty of requests but next to no ads served. I’ve tried on different networks (WiFi and mobile data) and on different devices. No luck. Anyone know a fix?

Why do you not use other ad networks? Admob is not the only one . We have a new one where the user can play mini games and that games are ads.

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:joy: AbMob also has those LOL

Wasting time on them is tell me thats awesome i can now add more features in my app play games

Really where?

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This is the extension he mentioned :

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can you give me a test apk please i want to check

If the ads are more interactive
Zplay have ads in india,etc

You can Find the Url to the extension in that post. When you enter the website at the bottom you can see an emulator with the extension you can try your own id or leave it blank to test it

ok thanks i will try and tell you but how much you charge to create a extension

uhh All of my extensions are currently in the price range between 0 and 10$ which i think is affordable by most users

I don’t know about others but can you create one for me

I can try which one are you looking for ?

i want applovin ads bro because i only use it but there is a problem that i use enhance which makes my app very buggy or lag and facing many issues if you can give it a try and create a extension i can pay you.

I have Tried to make AppLovin already but couldn’t succeed. I kept it aside and it needs extra work so I won’t be doing it soon

Ok then can you only tell me how you learned how to make extensions i am still confused

Learning to make extensions is still a hard task compared to making extensions i guess. There is not much documentation available. I used google for the most part. Looked for documentations etc…

MeteorCoder and Taifun Really helped a lot. I learned a lot with their help

Ok thanks i will try to make one and if i will make the extension i will tell you

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This can help you App Inventor Extensions

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yes i already learnt the @DesignerComponent(version = YaVersion.CAMERA_COMPONENT_VERSION,

part thanks for the help bro can i ask help to you if i needed any.

Uhh i think you learned it wrong. Its for camera extension and does not apply to other extensions i just use 1 as the version number