Admob Approval System

hii can you tell me within how many days your app got approved . I would help me a lot .

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Why being patient is hard? There is a lot of apps which waits for approval.


I want it now now now now now, you know.


Pls now! as soon as possible, immediately

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Actually There’s a huge backlog of apps in the queue

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We receive a lot of ad requests in our kodular center.
Just a few of them have a valid description why we should grant your app ads.

If you request ads from us, then you should write a clear description what your app does.

And please guy’s no copy & pasted messages!
And too please no messages like this:

please approve my app… please… please…

And too please no requests which contains:


And too please don’t write:

I have no money for play store, please approve ads for me…

  1. That’s not our problem. Maybe your’s not too. But as I said it is not our problem.
  2. That’s no description about your app
  3. With requests like that you will never get approved ads.

And don’t forget that the language should be english!
I personal denied all requests which I can not read!


Do you guy’s want to know what we do not want as ad requests?
Something like this:

i have not a play console account
this time not money in purhcess a play consle account
i have not a play console account
this time not money in purhcess a play consle account
i have not a play console account

I do not show now the name… But requests like this will be blocked!

Looks like some persons think that we dont read the messages…


maybe this is a dumb question, but where can i find the link to ask for approval?? my app says I need but when I go to my account i dont see it.

Also I am gonna upload it to the playstore, do I still need to get kodular approval before I do it?? o can I upload it as it is right now and it will show the ads?

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Did you read the first post in this topic?? If not, give it a try


Please I would like to point out something I accidentally came across…
I have an app where majority of the users are from countries where peer-to-peer app sharing through third party apps e.g xender is very common.
Now I discovered that Kodular’s ‘ads not approved’ popup occurs, although randomly, for users who have installed my app through xender. Apps installed through Playstore however display ads normally. Please is a fix possible for this?

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Your app needs approval if you want to install it from apk and it does not matters whether it is on play store or not.
It does not need approval if you want to install app from play store.
Apk ( even it is on play store ) = needs approval
Play Store = does not needs approval

So best is to take approval so that it will not show that dialog anywhere.


Oh…I see…thanks. I’ll do that right away​:blush:

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Question: my app has been approved but hasn’t started showing ads
Coding seems fine
The admob looks good
Do I still have to Wait a few hours or ??

Use ad failed to load and ad failed to show blocks so that you can get a valid reason for ad failure.

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I’m new here and I’m pretty confused… :thinking:
Do you guys approve ads request before submit it in Google Play store ? I made test ads enabled and its seems work nice… apps rated +13 … should I request for approval ? :roll_eyes:

@maphy_r You don’t need an approval if you are publishing your app on Google Play.

That’s not fully correct.
Your app doesn’t need approval if it’s downloaded from the Play Store. But apps installed from an APK — even if they are published on the Play Store — will have to be approved.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Or if I say you took him wrong?