Admob Approval System

(Eithical Hacker) #58

I think your app could need more content. Your app is a simple webviewer app. That’s why ads are not getting show. Honestly i want to say that my app is also not showing ads because it’s a simple webviewer app so i removed it. Google admob needs content apps for ads

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(Twink Studio) #59

it may be possibility :roll_eyes::confounded:
Thnq for feedback :v::sunglasses:

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(Twink Studio) #60

excuse me, i got these error after installing from play store directly

Why is it?Any solution?

(Boban Stojmenovic) #61


(Twink Studio) #62

i can’t able to understand give a proper reason why is it?

(Eithical Hacker) #63

Ad unit ID may be blacklisted

(Vishwas Adiga) #64

The error message is pretty straightforward.

Have you looked at what @Boban has sent?

It’s just a case of there being no ads to display. That’s probably because your app is limited to a niche field, and there aren’t enough ads of that category. Try expanding the general scope of your app.


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(Eithical Hacker) #65

Reply from Google employee​:v::point_down:

(Vishwas Adiga) #66

Doesn’t seem like it’s been blacklisted.

@twinkthakur18 give it some time. The ad unit ID is yet to be registered.

(Twink Studio) #67

thnq for responses. :sunglasses:
i will wait for some days after that i will inform you guys here :v:

(Twink Studio) #68

Cool​:v:great explanation.

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(tomer) #69

It happened to me several times that I had a sum of money a day and then he went down. Why is this happening (I did not click the ads)

(Eithical Hacker) #70

You didn’t click the ads but your users did invalid activity that’s why google is deducting earning

(Shakib alhasan) #72

I want to publish app in play store…in above conditions see that…no need any request for play store app…now i want to hear that …that is true or false…??

(Twink Studio) #73

yaah it’s true​:innocent:

(Shakib alhasan) #74


So if i can Make A new App…And Publish it on play store…and if my admob account is eanble…Then Outomatic ads Are Shown…

Ok Sir Many Many thanks…

Please Give Me a Reply…For Confirming that You read My mail…

After All thanks A lot sir…

(Twink Studio) #75

yes but block may be right

(Shakib alhasan) #76

Obviously…i am not professional but not unprofessional…i can make any type app…

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(Seun Tunde) #77

Hello Koders (lol I hope I got this correct).

Really loving Kodular with their updates and features.

I have been working on an app (close to one month now) which I plan to publish to the Play Store.

I wish to test both inter ads and rewarded video ads (with test ads unit ids of course) to know if they are properly implemented and working as I want them to. Do I need to request approval? Please help. I really need to complete this project soon and this, among a few others, is the remaining thing to do.


(Daniel) #78

Hello! If you publish it to the :google_play: Play Store, you don’t need to, :google:Google will review and approve it for the use of ads.

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