Admob banner ad works in companion, but not in final apk form


My admob banner ad works fine when I test my app with the companion mode, but when I build an apk file and I install that apk, the ad is not showing up anymore. What could be the problem? Test mode is turned off, and I’ve checked my Ad Unit ID.

My block: image

Extra information: When I do enable the test mode, the “test ad” shows up in both the companion and apk version of the app. The “real ad” only shows op in the companion mode and not in apk mode.

It is due to not enough content on your app.
Tell more about app

What exactly do you need to know? The basic function? The app is used for checking the proximity sensor. It is about 7 mb so it’s not that small.

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Thanks a lot for this, I could have thought about that myself. I discovered that my app is not approved to display ads. I thought I did not have to request this because I am using a banner add, and in this discussion it says that you don’t need to request approval if you are planning to release the app on the google play store. I am planning to do that, but apparently ads still don’t work without approval.

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