Admob Banner problem


(Rahmat Belio) #1

hi guys this is my first time using kodular
i’ve added admob banner to my project
it has been successfull in companion kodular, when i export to apk and install to my phone, it doesnt show any ads, when i check again in kodular companion the banner ads show perfectly, any experience with this? or do you have any suggestion to me?
i am waiting yours :slight_smile:

Admob Ads visible in live preview mode but not in final build
( ) #2

How are you loading banner ad?
Are you loading it WhenScreenInitialize?

(Rahmat Belio) #3

yes i did like that, if there is any problem the ads doesn’t show both of kodular companion and real device will be ok something be missing probably, but ads only show when i opened app on kodular companion not on real device

( ) #4

You can’t load Ads when Screen Initialize so use any other way like Load ad when a button clicked and check if it works…

(Rahmat Belio) #5

but when i open with kodular companion its show the ads without click button, and then i exported to apk and install in my android, it has been 24 hour doest show the ads

( ) #6

You tried this?

(Rahmat Belio) #7

yes i did same as before, it just show banner on kodular companion only, not on after exported to apk