Google Ads not working in my app

i add google adsense (AdMob Banner) in my app but it’s not working. not showing ads :frowning:

where can I find a video / image for adding ads? how can I do it

Have you… published your app in play store?

no, dont publish in play store.
i’m using only my phone, set up as apk in my phone

Without published in play store your ads need kodular approval the show.

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without play store publishing not show your ads so publish it than your ads come after publishing


thank you :slight_smile:

So how do I set up the AdMob banner? Is it true in the picture ?

you have to use first load Admob Interstitial ad, and then , when ad loaded, then show ad, not when left app.


in test, while using companion you can test your ads , after compile apk you need to publish app or approve ads from Kodular for your app.


can you share how to do correct

read this post.

ok, i read it. and make your picture

also use load Interstitial ad in initialize with load banner blocks.

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