Admob not showing ads anymore when app installed

Is it normal for ads to show as real ads in the companion but ads are in test mode when i install the apk of the app? Before i came to Kodular i used Sketchware. Sketchware had a feature to set a test mode devive, is that what has happen to my phone? (it now being a test mode device.)

Edit: a few hours ago when i was testing i installed the app and real ads showed, but now theyre just either not there or in test mode.

You must need to get approval from kodular to show ads in app, if your app is not going to upload on play store

What if I do plan to upload it to Google play? Will they show when it is been published?

Hi, @internetuser , If you’re thinking of publishing your app in Google Play, you will not need to verify your app from Kodular.

And now, let’s come to the point:
Apps with Good contents and traffics get ads form Google. Hopefully, Your app will get ads from Google after publishing in Google Play.

I suggest you to use, When Ad Failed to Load block before publishing it in Google Play. So that, you came to know why (if) ads are not showing.

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