AdMob error 401 (Could not load banner ad)

Hi everyone :wave:
Since many days, I’m trying to put AdMob ads in my apps…
But I’m getting:
Error Message: could not load banner ad
Error Code: 401
I’m :100: sure that Ad Unit Id is correct…
I’ve searched in the Community, but didn’t got any help…
Please help :pray:t2:
Thanks In Advance

EDIT: Same with StartApp

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Did you check the apk rather than testing in companion?

AdMob always gives ad limit , use applovin.

see my earnings


Yes, both in the Companion and .apk
I’ll check again

And, community have a look, this is called Self Clicking! :sleepy:

it’s my real earnings

Just remember that you’re living in a 3rd tier country! :sweat_smile:

so, what .

i am sharing my app on facebook and other social networks

That says everything, mate…!

Anyway, enjoy earning!

how can you say that

Can you please put the image back in?! Then it will be easier for me to explain!

okay , wait

i don’t know why my earnings increases tomorrow

Thank you! Now just take a look at your earning differences and more importantly, eCPM!

have you used applovin ??

keep in mind - the dashboard of AdMob is very different from applovin .

Not yet…

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every new users think that the earnings is depending upon CPM, clicks and impressions but all of these are wrong the main is CTR.