Admob rewarded video problem when 2 components on screen

Describe your issue

I use 2 AdMob RewardedVideo components at my app. When there was only one component it worked fine, but after I added another Rewardedvideo component the first component stopped to trigger the “Ad video component” block.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Click the button “Veja um anúncio e libere o modo Turbo”.

Expected Behaviour

Should set “VerticalTurbo” component to visible.

Actual Behaviour

Absolutely nothing happens, no matter what I put on ADMOB_REWARDEDVIDEOTURBO AD VIDEO COMPLETED BLOCK.

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Android version

6.0 (I think 8.0 too but not 100% sure)

If someone wants to test, here is the aia of the screen with the problem
FakePrintGeneratorFreeboban_Screen2Twitter (1).ais (19,3 KB)
This app will be open sourced so if someone like it feel free to use in your projects.

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Maybe thats a safety fundtion for too much ads in a app.

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No, the 2 ads load and the 2 ads open when the button is clicked normally.
Only the “ad video completed” is not triggered. I that was the case, the videos wouldn’t even load.
Besides, the rewardedvideo is a kind of ads that only opens if the user click a button and watch the video by his own will. After this the user is rewarded by the app. It is very used by games, where the user get an extra life or extra time after watching the entire video. At my case, the user can remove the logo of the app or get extra functions of the app.