Admob Rewarded Video do not trigger

I testing Admob Rewarded Video component ads looaded good.But ı cant track user action with block they arent triggered

Here my blocks

Blocks didnt change text of the button.And when i click button its not load ads ı need use doit method for show add block.Or ı need wait for use showadd block

Também me acontece isso

I’m supposing that you haven’t used any AdBlocker in your Android like AdAway, no?

Can you send your APK here to test it?

I dont use adblocker.I think there is a problem with companion refresh.I removed my old admob test prphect and created new one for you and connected with companion,On the first try all functions work great no problem.I just added label and companion is refesh ui.And retry functions but not all of them worked.When i click button its not load ad and display add.I need use do it option.when its show add and ı close app its not trigger handlers.

Here aia file
ADmob.aia (2.0 KB)

Eu reparei que isso só acontece quando o componente está em “modo teste”!
Quando está normalmente habilitado, também funciona normalmente

i know this is an old post but i have a question

if i unchecked the test, isn’t it violation ?

what should i do ?

When you want to published your app, you MUST unchecked the Test mode, otherway only test ads will change
For testing purposes it’s recommended to use the Test AdUnit

Currently ı use rewarded ads more than one year and ıts not earned anythink.I enable button when ads loaded.But there is problem with trigger.When i call load ad block ıts not triggered ad loaded or error blocks.Today i use little trick added one more load ad block .So i use 2xload ad block at the same time .Now admob rewarded blocks triggered.