Please help. Having trouble with admob rewarded pulling up notifier

Hi, first time posting on here…

So I can load my admob reward videos, but I can’t get my “admob rewarded” to call up the notifier to provide a hint… Actually, I have not been able to get the “admob rewarded” function to trigger any events.

I am able to call up the reward videos and the hint using a the Hint button, but this allows for the reward video to be closed with the hint still given… Which is problematic because it allows for rewards without watching the video.

I have my codes below, please help.

Thank you!

Have you tried removing Ad Closed block?

I have tried that, but it still does not work as intended.

Wait.Please clear me. What you actually want in the App.? You want that when user completely watch the video ad after that you gave him the reward.? Am i right.?

Do not load ad on Ad Loading Failed event. Suppose, User have to click a button to watch a rewarded video… He clicks, Ad loads, Ad shows and After ad rewarded, user get points. That’s it. Do not use When Ad Closed block, because this will return error.

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Yes, when the user watches the ad, it will load the notifier hint as the reward.

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Ok wait. Let me try one thing… If its success then i will provide you block

Brother your 1st method is correct. You just need little changes in blocks…


While that makes a lot of sense, it did not work on my app… the code made the button do nothing.

It seems as if all the admob reward video functions seem to not work.

Should I only have 1 admob reward component in the app? Or would something else be interfering with how the admob reward function works?

Ok I realized that having a second reward component stopped the ad from loading… my mistake. Thank you all for your help.

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