Admob with other mediation network

Is it possible to use any mediation network like leadbolt, adcolony etc. through admob by linking admob and any one of this.
If yes then when we call ads from admob component which network shows ads.

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Yeah, you can use other ad networks with ADmob


blocks are same for any other mediation

It will be risk because if other ad networks disable due to invalid activity then it will be negatively impact on admob account.

or any other issue.
it works did someone test this

Firstly, Ad mediation is a technology that sends ad requests to multiple ad networks to ensure publishers find the best available network to fill their ad slots.

So Admob finds the best cpm request and shows in the admob adapter it self so you don’t need any extra blocks…

Hope it helped you…

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Is there any limitations like not being able to add the sdk of the Ad provider. I want to use Startapp ads through Mediation

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I m already asked this and i think its not supported.I m wrong?

I think Mediation is better than other method because we can use too many ad provider at the same time with the mediation

If we want use Admob Mediation we need add every company sdk to our app.I m wrong?

Is kodular already integrared these sdks? We just need add other ad networks using admob website?

Step 3: Import the AdColony SDK and adapter

Can you explain it?

Yes you’re right. A mediation extension can be made though

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If you can do it ıts really help users alot.With the mediation platform we can use every ad platform.I already asking you this on your Startapp thread :slight_smile:

I’ll do it

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