Admob mediation

Is Makeroid support admob mediation?

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Is it possible add mediation support? If admob mediation added we dont need other ads networks components. Admobs mediation handle them if them supported by admob.leadbolt and facebook already supported and other networks work

I think you have to use this mediation from the admob’s site and not from makeroid

Is lt not need sdk? I think mediation need own sdk for usage.can someone explain it

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I would also like to know about this?

Can makeroid team explain it?

Interesting question.


Can someone give information about it?

If it is compatible Only configure the priority of mediations from 1 to ∞, in Admob

Yes i know.Just asking is it compatible

what i read in past from a team member , is yes. It should work

In fact use the mediation with the same Admob blocks (banner-Inter), but configured to show ads in a certain country, of which I have more users, placing it as priority 1. You have to be careful when using mediations, you can to be winning more or less.

My bad please add mediation platform