Ads in SideMenu and ListView

can we place native ad in side menu??

banner or native ads in ListView

in my project…in list view data getting from airtable

is it possible??? in kodular

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No, Kodular doesn’t support Native ads at this time

You can’t use banner ads in Listview as it against policy

So what was that?

But it’s against Facebook Policy. You can’t use banner ad in Listview. Everything is clearly mentioned on Facebook policy page.

in side menu ???


It will look very ugly :rofl:

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That was Adsense ad.i don’t know it’s against policy or not.but this app use this type native ad in every 10 post in list.

It’s also against Adsense policy

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Which Ad network you want to use?
If Facebook Or Admob then you can’t use banner ads in side menu. It’s against their policy


Adsense …

Then what are you doing here? Go and develop a website and use AdSense in your site.

AdMob is for apps AdSense is for website


how many banner can i add in dynamic card which has 300 card ??

Only one at the bottom.

You can add maximum 2 banner ads. 1 at the top and 2nd at the bottom

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Can I add an interstitial ad to the same page?

Yes, you can

thank you @Ottoman :handshake:

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Using Ads in listview wouldn’t be considered as a violation. Since you were talking about AdSense, please take a note that, AdSense always encourage you to use feed (that’s a list! :grinning:) on your Website so that you can earn the maximum possible revenue.

And, if it comes to AdMob, you can still use ads in a listview.

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I think you should read Admob policy first