Ads not working


Recently I made an app and published on Google Play. I added ads to it but they don’t appear. It asks to use the data and everything at the beggining but they just don’t show up. I doublechecked the Unit ID and it’s good. If I install directly the APK to my phone, the same thing happens. Does someone know what the problem is?

Thank you!

Please paste your app link… So that other can check also…

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Which ads are you having problems with?

It happens to me too!

I used admob ads

Like the playstore one?

Why don’t you search community? You’ll find many threads on ads problem.

there may be no advertisements to show.
enter the application with vpn.

if it does not appear again
can you take a picture of the blocks?

I entered with vpn and nothing happend
This are the blocks with ads

Make sure you checked Visible option on ads property or make them visible by blocks.

Finally, if not works, though I’m tired saying this repeatedly on community, but saying it once more that, use *When Ad Failed to Load block to find out the error.

When you create an ad in AdMob it sometimes takes a while for the ads to appear… sometimes it takes up to 24 hours